Date: August 13th to August 14th, 2016
Venue: Sports Complex Likas, Sabah, Malaysia

Organised in conjunction with Sabah Fitness Festival, Sabah Open BJJ is Malaysia’s BIGGEST submission grappling tournament! This event will run over 2 days, with Gi matches on day 1 and No-Gi matches on day 2. All matches will follow the standard IBJJF format.

1. Kids division brackets will be made in accordance to closest fit weight match ups on the day. Children are advised NOT to cut weight.

2. Weigh-ins will be done with the gi on. Allow 2 kgs for the Gi. Separate weigh-ins will be conducted before the no-gi event commences. Deduct 2kgs from the weight categories for no-gi.

3. Confirmation of registration will be sent via email to successful applicants. Any enquires should be direct to

4. Competitors under the age of 18 will require the consent of a parent or legal guardian with parent/guardian's signature on the waiver form (to be signed on day of competition before entry to the mats).

5. In the event that a division has less than 3 competitors, it will be merged with the closest weight division.

Entry Fees
Gi or No-gi (1 day only)
Early Bird: RM80 (until 31st May, 2016)
Regular: RM90 (until 31st July, 2016)
Late: RM100 (1st-18th August, 2016)
Walk-in: RM125 (at competition venue)

Gi & No-gi (2 days)
Early Bird: RM105 (until 31st May, 2016)
Regular: RM115 (until 31st July, 2016)
Late: RM125 (1st-18th August, 2016)
Walk-in: RM140 (at competition venue)

(1st-3rd place winners in each weight category are automatically eligible to compete in Absolutes)


Barto is awesome. He does this for free and doesn't expect much of anyone.