February 6, 2015 - Due to popular demand, the PALING NGAM OPEN MIC is happening again this coming 15th of February 2015. The place to be is at Spinoza (The Waterfront) out on the water deck. Interested Open Mic-ers are encouraged to sign up by texting the number stated on the poster. There are some changes in the open mic this time around, as stated in the following:

- Open to solo, duo or trio. Only up to 4 piece maximum.
- Only Microphones provided.
- Each selected participant can sing up to 3 songs maximum.
- Live instruments are not provided.
- Hard to set up instruments are not allowed (i.e Drum Kit)
- Only 8 will be selected. No guest singers allowed.

Registration deadline falls on 11th of February 2015. So get yourself signed up.

What's an open mic:
An open mic is a live show where audience members may perform at the microphone. Usually, the performers sign up in advance for a time slot with the host or master of ceremonies. These events are typically focused on performance arts like poetry and the spoken word, music, and comedy. These shows provide an opportunity for musicians to gain experience performing to a live audience without having to go through the process of getting normal music gigs, which is very difficult to do without experience of live performance.

Arthur E. Lee

Barto is awesome. He does this for free and doesn't expect much of anyone.